Green Sports Academy

The Green Sports Academy is a specialized intensive football program designed to professionally develop elite players and give them access to various opportunities in the Green Sports Network. Read about our success stories below.

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Eric Mulu was a standout performer at the 2018 GS December Trials, he has since attained a scholarship to play at the FC Malaga City Academy in Spain.

Kevin Ndeti now plays for University of JamesTown in the USA.

On July 28th 2019, Wesley Mburu traveled to the United States on a Soccer Scholarship to William Carrey University (one of the top soccer programs in the USA)

Karl Gatiramu is now on scholarship playing for Jamestown University in North Dakota. 

Louis Kiarie is now a Regional Champion with Illinois Central College where he studies and plays on scholarship as well. (He is a Green Sports African Warriors Alumni as well)

Andrew Numeru now plays for Gor Mahia in Kenyan Premier League.


FA Euro

FA Euro is an academy based in Florida USA with a residential program geared towards developing elite level athletes whilst they pursue their education simultaneously. (READ MORE) 

FC Malaga City

FC Malaga City is a full-time Spanish football academy for elite 16-20 year-olds from across the globe. The Academy has sent over 30 players onto professional teams and play in matches against the likes of Athletico Madrid, Real Madrid and Barcelona. (READ MORE ABOUT FC MALAGA CITY HERE.)

What makes the GS Academy Different?

Genuine Opportunities 

Green Sports’ goal is to give players the necessary education on what it takes to become a professional athlete whilst granting them the opportunities to pursue their dreams.

Many players in the Green Sports network (as you’ve seen above) have gone on to play internationally. Our goal is to develop, prepare and grant our players the opportunities they need to play at the highest level they can.


The Green Sports Academy uses a special device called PlayerTek; A player tracking and GPS system. Essentially, coaches and players at the academy will be able to measure their metrics such as speed, impact, power, fitness, endurance as well as track players’ performances during games. This allows for an extremely high level of accuracy when setting personal benchmarks and performance goals. 

Education-based development

With the inclusion of classroom and lecture sessions, the Green Sports academy looks at the holistic development of athletes. The program incorporates classroom sessions where players are educated on things like sports nutrition, sports psychology and preparation.

Our goal is to build upstanding Men and women which goes above and beyond simply nurturing talented athletes. 

The Green Sports Academy program is based in three schools; St Mary’s, Braeside and Sabiis. At the moment, there are 60+ kids between the ages of 13-18, signed with the Academy. It also has an integrated Independent Academy.

The Independent Academy has two programs, one at Nairobi Jaffrey’s Sports Club and one at The Stop, Rhapta Road.

Our Approach to development


The GS Academy club program has been designed to maximize player and character development in athletes. The program has 4 corners of development with the focus on nurturing talent and ‘Student-Athletes’;

  • Technical – focused on the player’s football development.
  • Mental – focused on the psychological aspects of the game including communication, creativity, leadership…
  • Social – Focused on the players’ environment and their interaction with it, i.e. team work, self-esteem, mentor-ship.
  • Physical – focused on the players’ physical development and sports specific movement. Enhancing attributes like coordination, speed, and agility. 


We focus on developing students into elite athletes and football players. With access to some of the best coaches and former players in the country our goal is to coach players at the elite level with emphasis on the four corners of student athlete development (Technical, Mental, Physical and Social).


The GS club not only intends to develop football players, but also persons of good standing and positive habits. There are many kids who aspire to make a career from football but lack the necessary education and understanding of what it takes to become a professional athlete. The second ‘core’ of the GS Academy program focuses on this underestimated side of the game. 

Our players have sessions on subjects like nutrition and diet, mental Conditioning, and sports psychology. Guest speakers will also be invited to talk to the players several times per term. In this way players, will develop into whole individuals fostering habits such as discipline, hard-work, leadership, and determination.


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